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luxury sportscar out for a ride

Luxurious Soaps with Style

For those who value old-world art, history, and design, and  enjoy it in an everyday item like soap.

Pick your Pleasure

Palazzo keepsake giftbox

A trip to Italy at your fingertips, 

Take this imaginary vacation & enjoy the luxury of a Palazzo.

Go wash you hands with ben Rhye

handcrafted soaps with European style.

Palazzo Pisa soap set of four.jpg
silverRay soap giftbox

Who doesn't like sports cars?


Take your silverRay out for a ride to your favorite bar. Our drinks are 100% virgin (organic) and clean while being "dirty or old".

ben Rhye gifts for the-hard-to-shop-for.

Dirty Martini soap luxurious lather
Pearl keepsake box with shore design

The ocean, full of dreams and treasures, inspired this Art Nouveau design.

A pearl in an iridescent abalone shell—the celebration of simplicity with sea salt as the star.

And ben Rhye soaps come in keepsake gift boxes!

Pearl Aurora soap with abalone shell soap dish
Gift box design for Jardin soaps

Sometimes we just need a breather.

Imagine you step into the peaceful atmosphere of an enchanted garden and turn the mundane “Go wash your hands” into pleasure.

ben Rhye luxurious soaps with style!

Printemps Cœur Jardin.jpg
DM lather_edited_edited.jpg

Form Follows Function

Form follows function; ingredients make the dish (ask a chef).


Our goal is to create soaps that cleanse your skin in a way that feels gentle and luxurious on your skin.

We're convinced that the quality of the base ingredients impacts performance. So we use organic, unrefined oils and butters in our formulas.

And, with it, support growers that produce in an eco-conscious, non-toxic way.


Our fragrances are composed with paraben- and phthalate-free fragrance, and essential oils. Since we love animals, being cruelty-free is a given.

All of that flows into the design that is meant to please your senses and soul. Our stories are an invitation to take a breather and dream.

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